Ghandi once said that anything you do in life is insignificant, but it's important that you do it.


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Why is it that when a woman is desperately in love to point of delirium and insanity- she is seen as pathetic. But when a man is love to the point of delirium and insanity- it is seen as tragic and unjust?

Feel It in My Bones

At some point we realized
that it was in our flesh.
The markings that made
us what we were.
We realized that it could
be found in our bones.
The skeletal tissue telling
telling the story of how
We were made, how we
were born, how we
And thats when we
realized that now
We were free to die.

The Right Thing, and the Easy Thing are Never the Same.

How is it that doing the right thing always comes back and bites me in the ass. When someone asks me for help, regardless of who they are or what they’ve done, ill help them to the best of my ability. I will not lie to them, I will not sugar coat the truth, and it will always be the truth. If that makes me the devil, then the devil I am. But sides do not exist in this, and I would tell you the same thing I told her. If you don’t like my choice of words, that says more about you, than me.
But trust me when I say I’ll never speak again.

I wish you hadn’t gone today…
Left me here in front of the fire,
The Christmas Tree shinning.
Shinning for no one.

All I wanted to do was cry…
Yet my sadness made me numb,
I wish you were coming home at the end of the day.
Instead it’s just me. 

Anything, Everything

I could spend hours, I could spend days thinking about how much I love you, how much I need you, how much I want you.

Everyday I need you a little more, I want you a little more, I love you so much more. I would climb the highest mountain, and swim the deepest oceans.

If it meant you knowing just how much you meant to me. I would cross the universe. I would travel to infinity, till my body has broken down into a thousand stars.

Every year is another 365 days that I have known, loved, wanted, and needed you. And I want a million years to pass, and then keep going, just to be with you.

If meant you knowing just how much I love, how no one loves anyone as much I love you— I’d do anything. Anything, for you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

From the both of us,

To you.

Winter Dreams

I had a dream that you and I were far away. That the wind was cold, and fire was hot. 
I had a dream that you were taking a trip, but you stayed a little longer.
You said it was the smell of my skin.
In this dream I took off your shirt. Your skin was hot to the touch, it was all I wanted.
In this dream you took off all my clothes. You left my socks on because it was so cold.
You said you couldn’t get close enough.

You really are taking a trip, and you didn’t stay a little longer.
You didn’t take off all my clothes, and I didn’t feel how hot your skin was.
The wind was really cold, but you didn’t stay to keep me warm.

I wish I was still dreaming of you. 


It always begins with a look or a touch,
His hands at the small of my back,
His breath on my neck.

The moments I’ll miss the most,
Filled with the tinkling of a piano,
Filled with warm light.

All those minutes and hours,
Spent curled under a furry blanket,
Spent in the warmth of you.

Loving every breathing of you. 

Family Vacation. 2012.

All In.

It’s in the orange peels,
And the peach pits,
In the smell of sunscreen,
And runny mascara,
It’s in your wild hair,
And your smooth shades,
In the droop of your eyes,
And the roughness of our hands and feet.
It’s in the difference between you and me,
And the way your old body spray smells,
In the way we are tied together,
And in my old t-shirts.

Sighs of Relief

This crystal cut glass
Perspiring between my finger tips.
Thinking of you
And your wild hair.
Your crooked fingers and
Endless palms.

The sounds of couples and parties
Tickling my hurting ears.
I remember the sound of you voice
The way you said I understand.
Your said grey eyes
And my relieved heart.

How did this happen to us?
On and off and on again.
But eternally apart
Never truly together.

But I am so relieved.
I love you.

Wrongs and Rights

How do know who the right one is? When do you know? Women, and men, ask this question often. But there isn’t really an answer. At least I don’t think there is. Your in love with people and then you just love people.

But how do you know when to walk away and when to hold to someone?
How do you know what’s right?


Helga Viking Lens, BlacKeys SuperGrain Film, No Flash, Taken with Hipstamatic


It was always in the closeness of your body.
In the rise your shoulders.
And the bend of your arms.
It was always in the way your lips found mine.
In the fervent beat of your heart.
Always matching my own.
It was always in the way your mouth smelt and tasted.
In the shape of your hands of my neck and on my hips.
Like an old pair of jeans, a favorite sweatshirt.
I was right when I said I’d never be rid of you.
You, who are the rain, washing away my sins.
You, who are the pure pulse of blood running through my veins.
You are my body.
And I am yours.

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